Going Digital: Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant


In this digitally-driven age, you cannot deny the fact that digital marketing offers a significant marketing advantage over traditional tactics. Browsing over modern marketing tips and advice, you would think traditional marketing techniques have no more relevance in this modern world. Back in the 90s, there was even a rumor that eventually paper will be a thing of the past. But despite the ever-progressing digital marketing strategies available today, even big companies would agree that traditional marketing still plays a …

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Effective HR Management During the Pandemic


The pandemic has changed the structure of the modern workforce, breaking it into two categories: The ones who work remotely The ones who still come to the office Although remote work is recommended in the current health crisis, not everyone has the liberty to do so. Some employees do not have good internet connection and gadgets or their work requires their physical appearance. Working on-site during the COVID-19 health crisis isn’t just stressful for the employees; HR managers have their …

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Methods of Cultivating Financial Literacy in Your Child

father and daughter

For the most part, we learn almost everything that will equip us for life in our childhood and teenage years. Whether it’s an analytical skill from math classes, physical prowess from gym classes, or even inter-personal skills from interacting with others, most of these things are learned from a young age. But there’s one thing that most parents overlook: helping their child manage their finances. As most people grow older, it’s harder for them to stop impulse buying and purchasing …

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Roblox Plans To Go Public

friends playing games

Large video game companies and entertainment holdings have always been known to perform very well, especially if they own big-name franchises like E-sports titles and beloved games such as Grand Theft Auto and Apex Legends, to name a few. And as more and more people start looking towards gaming as their go-to source of entertainment, these behemoths are only bound to grow year after year. Furthermore, this pandemic has amplified the number of daily active users on games across different …

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Picking the Right Influencer to Promote Your Brand

influencer marketing list

Business owners naively think that influencers are like endorsers, models, and celebrities. But influencer marketing is more than about paying a popular social media icon to endorse your brand. Influencers curated their content for a long time. They aren’t just out there to get paid. An influencer has a brand, too. And that brand needs to benefit from promoting yours. Otherwise, your relationship is doomed from the start. Though many business owners and marketers understand that their companies need influencers, …

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The Unfortunate Story of Wishbone and What It Tells You about Security

data storage

While the world scrambles to control the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals have been pouncing on businesses, both big and small. In a CNBC report, large-scale data breaches grew by a frightening 273% within the first three months compared to 2019. Apps are not exceptions. Take, for example, Wishbone. The Mega Wishbone Breach Wishbone is a popular mobile app that allows its users to compare anything, as its slogan suggests. They can match celebrities, fashion, food, movies, TV shows – whatever your heart desires. …

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Battle of the Greats: Comparison of Digital Tools for Freelancers

man working in a cafe

Everyone has dreamed what it would be like to escape the rat race, that is the 9-5 job. No more waking up early to beat the morning traffic or cram the report your boss told you to finish close to yesterday’s working day. Some people have made their way to the freelance life, to have more freedom and flexibility in their work. They also don’t have to deal with office politics or incompetent colleagues who can drag the project down. …

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Online Blunders: Mistakes That Your Business Needs to Avoid

Web design

When you run a business these days, there are some things that you can’t ignore. One of these is the internet. Businesses nowadays have to take it into account their online presence if they want to get the most customers. But many businesses make mistakes when it comes to their online presence. Here is a list of some of them that you want to avoid making. Fumbling With Your Website Many businesses now know the importance of a website. Without …

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Know the Cyber Threats to Security Businesses Face and What You Can Do

using computers

Businesses need to protect themselves as uncertainty is prevalent these days. There are many threats out there, and the biggest ones include cybersecurity threats. Cyber thieves would be able to steal your business information, and you might not know of it until it’s too late. Many IT companies work together to make sure that such threats are controlled, and they even hire cybersecurity companies that specialize in limiting the possibility of these threats. But it would be better to know what …

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Game-changing Tools and Software Every Startup Needs

business tools

Can a business survive without technology? Can any startup get up from the ground running without depending on software and tools? Unfortunately, in these modern times, you will be hard-pressed to find a business that can survive without digital tools. Whether it’s a website, app, analytics tools, or project management software, startups can’t grow without technology. There is no shortage of business software and digital tools to help your business, though. One look on the internet and you’ll find plenty …

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