Four Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know Now

Man and woman looking at the desktop

As we are closing into the middle of 2019, online marketing for businesses in Bromley continues to evolve. New digital marketing trends are sprouting up to meet the growing demands of consumers. To help you rise against your competitors in the industry, here are the key digital marketing trends that you need to watch out for. Artificial Intelligence AI has completely developed over the past couple of years that it is now becoming a part of people’s daily lives. Even more, it …

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Can Your SEO Strategies Survive 2019?

SEO Strategies and Concept

Having an online business used to be a novelty or even a luxury, but the fast-paced evolution of internet technology has radically changed that perception. Today’s reality makes a business that is offline obsolete; for those already on the web, getting found is the new aim. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the default driver for that gold-rush. Having positioned itself as the world’s largest search engine, Google owns the lion’s share of statistics with a whopping 78.1% of shares. …

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Is Your Company Ready for Coworking?

employees working together

Every big company including Google, Facebook, and Apple is embracing the practice of coworking. Coworking — when carefully implemented — can be a big help to both small companies and large conglomerates. But is your company ready for coworking, and what exactly can you get from it? What You’ll Need Coworking involves assigning office personnel into more informal coworking or shared office spaces. First, you’ll need to acquire Cloud-scheduling software that can handle task management and storage. This allows your …

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Teaching Methods Have Changed: How They Have Become More Effective


Was education simpler when it used to be just students reading books and listening to their instructor? It might have been more straightforward, but it was also less interactive. Students retained information from required readings and input from their teachers — and little else. Now, however, things have become more interactive, perhaps for the better. These might not have been available in the last two decades but now they are considered essential teaching aids: DVDs Interactive learning is one of …

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Half-Time Primetime: Celebrities Who Have Never Performed at the Super Bowl Half-time


Even today, performing at the Super Bowl is up there with performing at Madison Square Garden, Wembley, heck, maybe even Woodstock. It’s a high honor that performers would probably kill for. But even with its prestigious role as one of the biggest goals of artists, how come some beloved and popular celebrities haven’t made the cut? Taylor Swift A Taylor Swift half-time performance at the Super Bowl would, in my opinion, and without hyperbole, be the best fucking show on …

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Search Engine Marketing: What Is It Really?

Man using a laptop

Digital is becoming increasingly relevant as we further into the future, with more people embracing this change when it comes to making decisions. With this advancement and growing trend, businesses have become more open to venturing to the online world. As a response, marketers are coming up with different ways to help companies reach their target audience better and faster. For businesses, an effective digital marketing strategy has become an essential to make their brand and their website become more relevant and visible to online …

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New to the Business? Enhance Your Brand with a Website

website concept

Congratulations, you’ve finally managed to build your business from scratch. With the initial hard work beginning to show traction, you want to keep the momentum. That’s great, but you might be asking yourself, ‘what next?’ The answer is easy – set up a website to promote your brand. Let’s face it, the internet is the place potential customers go to find supplies and services, so if you’re new, your competitors probably have a head start with their own websites. It’s …

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Know Malware By Their True Names and Deal with Them Effectively

malware on a screen

Monetary gain is the primary motivation behind malware threats these days. Amateurs used to create viruses and spyware to show off their hacking skills. Now, computer experts create worms and rogue security software that burrow secretly into systems and damage programs under the radar. Malware is very capable of robbing people of their financial and personal information. Sometimes, malicious individuals like scammers and phishers use malware to target specific people to blackmail them. In fact, there have been several reported …

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Hungry 4 Success: The Story of David Cesarez and his Silicon Valley Journey


Featured image source: CBS News One Friday back in July this year, Jasmine Scofield from Mountain View, California was on her way to a restaurant after getting out from work when she ran into a smart looking man in his 20s at an intersection. There was a glint of hope in the man’s eyes and a pinch of desperation. In his hands was a sign that said: “Homeless, hungry 4 success. Take a Resume.” A man with a dream David …

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A Graduate’s Surprise: How Hanss Mujica Gave his Family the Surprise of a Lifetime

hanss mujica

Featured image source: A Plus “Por ustedesempece. Por ustedesacabe.” His family can’t help but shed tears as they continued to read his message on a piece of paper. From what was supposed to be a family photo shoot for a Psychology Class, it clearly became something more. A young man from Texas named Hanss Mujica, 24, snuck behind his unsuspecting family all dressed in a graduation garb and with a couple of signboards. He was all set for graduation. All …

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