What Does the Future of Influencer Marketing Look Like for 2020?

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The dawn of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has created a niche that is an effective way of brand marketing through prominent social media personalities. Anyone who uses social media knows that influencers are among the most, well, influential people on the Internet. In recent years, influencer marketing has changed compared to back in the early 2000s. What has changed? A 2020 study has shown that over 3.8 billion people use social media today, and influencers …

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Transforming Funerals with Technology


The pain of losing a loved one can sometimes be unexplainable. Even so, family members will always want to grant their beloved a reasonable send-off. Since technology advancement cannot be stopped, funeral planning and execution have been engulfed into technological webs. This post will give you an insight into how technology has changed funerals. The Use of Social Media There are many ways to modernize the send-off thanks to the amount of technology out there. Even though many funerals are …

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Going Digital: Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant


In this digitally-driven age, you cannot deny the fact that digital marketing offers a significant marketing advantage over traditional tactics. Browsing over modern marketing tips and advice, you would think traditional marketing techniques have no more relevance in this modern world. Back in the 90s, there was even a rumor that eventually paper will be a thing of the past. But despite the ever-progressing digital marketing strategies available today, even big companies would agree that traditional marketing still plays a …

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Effective HR Management During the Pandemic


The pandemic has changed the structure of the modern workforce, breaking it into two categories: The ones who work remotely The ones who still come to the office Although remote work is recommended in the current health crisis, not everyone has the liberty to do so. Some employees do not have good internet connection and gadgets or their work requires their physical appearance. Working on-site during the COVID-19 health crisis isn’t just stressful for the employees; HR managers have their …

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Methods of Cultivating Financial Literacy in Your Child

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For the most part, we learn almost everything that will equip us for life in our childhood and teenage years. Whether it’s an analytical skill from math classes, physical prowess from gym classes, or even inter-personal skills from interacting with others, most of these things are learned from a young age. But there’s one thing that most parents overlook: helping their child manage their finances. As most people grow older, it’s harder for them to stop impulse buying and purchasing …

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Picking the Right Influencer to Promote Your Brand

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Business owners naively think that influencers are like endorsers, models, and celebrities. But influencer marketing is more than about paying a popular social media icon to endorse your brand. Influencers curated their content for a long time. They aren’t just out there to get paid. An influencer has a brand, too. And that brand needs to benefit from promoting yours. Otherwise, your relationship is doomed from the start. Though many business owners and marketers understand that their companies need influencers, …

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Game-changing Tools and Software Every Startup Needs

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Can a business survive without technology? Can any startup get up from the ground running without depending on software and tools? Unfortunately, in these modern times, you will be hard-pressed to find a business that can survive without digital tools. Whether it’s a website, app, analytics tools, or project management software, startups can’t grow without technology. There is no shortage of business software and digital tools to help your business, though. One look on the internet and you’ll find plenty …

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5 Crucial Areas for Business Protection

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Your business will not be an overnight success. If you manage to grow your company, it means that you dedicated a lot of effort and made a lot of sacrifices for years. The study, research, investment, and preparations will be worth it once the operations start to function. Despite your efforts in starting your business, it can only take one mistake to see everything you built fall. A controversy, a financial error, and an external threat can put your company …

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How Hard Is It to Market an Unsexy or Sensitive Business?


Do you think that marketing is just for coffee shops, baby clothes, women’s shoes, old-school diners, and tech companies? Many people are aware that there exist some sensitive, quirky, taboo, and unsexy businesses such as biohazard decontamination, funeral homes, crime-scene cleanups, and even body waxing services. Business owners sit back and watch other companies marketing products and services. They don’t know where to start, or if their market even wants to hear about these products. These are the kinds of …

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Things Businesses Do That Sends Consumers Away Mid-Pandemic

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Congratulations! Even though the pandemic caused many businesses to shut down their operations, you managed to keep your business afloat. Your brand may be successful enough these past few months, but one can’t say the same for the coming months. But this does not necessarily mean all you can do is to wait and see what the future has in store for your business. You must continue moving forward so you can get ahead of your competitors. Thanks to the …

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