Online Presence: Strategies You Should Use During the Pandemic

online presence

Globally, it’s known that there are around 4.60 billion internet users around the world. This number has been continually increasing in the past few years, especially when individuals join the middle class while having access to a high-speed internet connection. With so many individuals using the world wide web as a means of accessing information, it’s only appropriate that businesses and conglomerates use it to tap into a broader audience. Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused various changes, both …

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Fine Jewelry Care 101

close up of a ring

Fine jewelry pieces are heirlooms in the making. Some of the fine jewelry pieces you have in your jewelry box might already be. Being some of the most expensive things you’ll ever spend your money on, these jewelry pieces are built to last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them. You want to be able to pass down your jewelry to future generations in your family. Here’s a list of tips to care for your jewelry. …

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Keeping It Artsy: Making an Artist Portfolio Online

graphic designer

Artists are not just expressive and creative people. They are also entrepreneurs by default, and it just happened that their products are artistic pieces. And to make sales and close exclusive deals, you will need to promote your artwork. While some stick to conventional face-to-face promotions, some artists use the Internet to widen their reach and find new leads. The Internet is a wonderful place. It has everything from a free online stopwatch to a home energy savings calculator. It also …

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6 Marketing Tips for Businesses in the Creative Industry

digital marketing

People in the creative industry are used to tight deadlines and small budgets. And there’s no denying the magic they can do with the limited resources at their disposal. But a creative business is still like any other business, with the same difficulties and challenges. You think they might have a leg up on things such as marketing, but you’re mistaken. They still have to work with a limited budget, and they need to find a way to stretch their …

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Innovative Careers: How To Put Your Creativity To Good Use Under The New Normal

light bulb and crumpled papers

Do you know someone highly creative stuck in a job that has no avenue for creative expression whatsoever? Chances are that person is unfulfilled and dissatisfied with what he or she is doing for 8 hours a day. One of the challenges for creative types is the low availability of jobs that allow them to use and enhance their creativity. A creative person thrives in an environment that lets them do what they do best — create and innovate. Ideation …

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The Ninth Generation of Video Game Consoles: How Lucky Can It Be?

virtual reality

It is the beginning of the end for the eighth generation of video game consoles. There is no need to rush to your useful VoIP handsets and make calls to the major hardware makers. This is simply the way the business model works. The current generation has enjoyed a fruitful eight years. This holiday season, people are expecting the successors to Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox One to drop, thereby officially ushering in the ninth generation. Nintendo will continue …

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Mistakes that Cost You Your Online Art Sales

man working at home

There is money that can be had in the art business. Jobs that need a creative touch, such as illustration and concept art, have salaries in the thousands range. Those who are well-known in traditional media can sell their pieces for large sums of money. But if you’re one of the countless artists out there online who are struggling with getting their work sold, then you might think otherwise. Often, it’s a problem with your marketing, not your art itself. …

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Of Sanity and Everyday Life: Filling the Gaps with Art Amid the Pandemic

art & design

In the midst of the social distancing and quarantine mandates, people are left with so much time in their hands, not knowing what to do with it. When establishments were open, people can hang out with friends, shop, watch a play, etc. Now, people are left to deal with not having much stuff to do at home. Fortunately, there’s Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming sites. People have turned to movies, series, music. To simply put it, people have turned …

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Strategies to Streamline Your Product Photography Workflow

Photography Workflow

The way your products look online can affect your customers’ decision to purchase it, according to a recent study by eBay Research Labs. The researchers found that image quality was an essential factor in their purchase, as pictures provide visual proof of the product’s quality. That is also backed by a survey done by Weebly, which stated that over 75% of customers find product photos influential in their purchasing decision. One response indicated that product images provide information on the …

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Security and Websites: What Should You Consider?

web design

Ask yourself: where do you usually go to if you have some complex problems that you don’t know the answer to? The majority of the population would say that they use search engines to answer their questions. Since people use search engines, they’re sometimes funnelled towards sites that can give them an answer to our problem. However, there will be times that sites with malicious intent will use search engines as a means of getting sensitive personal information from people. …

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